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10 Best Choices for Onyx and Quartz Countertops

When exploring the top choices for onyx and quartz countertops, it's clear that the decision rests on a mix of beauty and functionality. Onyx stands out with its unique veining, adding an element of luxury, whereas quartz is celebrated for its robustness and ease of care, positioning it as a practical choice for daily life. Understanding the distinct characteristics of these two sought-after countertop materials is key to choosing the right surface for your home.

Both materials offer something special for the interior of a home. Onyx, with its translucent qualities, can create a dramatic effect when backlit, perfect for feature areas or statement pieces. Quartz, on the other hand, offers a vast array of colours and patterns, mimicking the appearance of natural stone but with added durability and without the need for regular sealing. Making an informed choice between onyx and quartz involves weighing these aesthetic and practical considerations to find the best fit for your personal style and functional needs.

Unique Onyx Veining Patterns

Onyx Countertops: A Symphony of Colours and Patterns

When you look at onyx countertops, you can't help but be drawn in by the intricate patterns and the vibrant blend of colours they showcase. It's like each slab has been individually painted by nature, with mineral deposits and impurities coming together to create a palette that ranges from crisp white to deep brown, and even includes shades of green and red. The patterns in the onyx are fascinating; some are subtle and almost like whispers, while others are bold statements. This variety ensures that no two countertops are the same, giving your space a one-of-a-kind look that's both luxurious and sophisticated.

Why Onyx Stands Out

The beauty of onyx isn't just skin deep. You might think something this pretty would be delicate, but onyx is surprisingly robust. It's resistant to scratches, which means it keeps its stunning appearance over time. Whether it's the centrepiece of your kitchen, adding a dash of elegance to your bathroom, or making a statement somewhere else in your home, onyx countertops bring a unique flair that's hard to match. It's about creating a space that not only looks fantastic but also reflects your personal style.

Caring for Onyx: Tips and Tricks

While onyx is durable, like any natural stone, it appreciates a bit of care to stay looking its best. Avoid acidic cleaners that can etch the surface, and consider using a sealant to protect against stains. Regular wiping with a soft cloth and mild soap is usually all it takes to keep your onyx countertop shining. For those looking to add an extra layer of shine and protection, products like the StoneTech BulletProof Sealer come highly recommended.

Durable Quartz Color Options

Quartz countertops are renowned for their durability and extensive color options, catering to a wide range of design preferences. Popular choices like Calacatta and Carrara offer a luxurious marble-like aesthetic, while darker tones such as Black Pearl and Midnight Majesty add a touch of modern sophistication.

Whether opting for timeless neutrals like Pebble Rock or bold hues like Coastal Grey, quartz provides a durable and stylish solution for any kitchen or bathroom design.

Popular Quartz Colors

Exploring the World of Quartz Colours

Quartz countertops are not just about adding a slice of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom; they're also about choosing a material that can handle the hustle and bustle of daily life without showing signs of wear and tear. From the sleek and sophisticated to the bold and contemporary, quartz colours span a wide spectrum. Let's chat about some of the top picks that could transform your space.

Classic Elegance with White, Grey, and Beige

If you're after a look that never goes out of style, then white, grey, and beige quartz should be on your radar. These colours are not just versatile; they're practically a chameleon in the design world, able to fit in with any style, from the minimalist to the ornate. Imagine a bright, airy kitchen with sparkling white countertops or a serene bathroom with soft beige hues. It's about creating a space that feels timeless.

Making a Statement with Black, Navy, and Dark Brown

Now, if you're someone who loves a bit of drama in their decor, then darker quartz colours like black, navy, and dark brown are your go-to. These shades are perfect for crafting a modern, edgy look. Think about a kitchen island in deep navy, standing bold and beautiful against lighter cabinetry. It's not just about making a statement; it's about choosing colours that hide spills and smudges, making your life a bit easier.

Trendy Tints: Soft Blues, Greens, and Marbles

For those who like to keep things fresh and trendy, let's talk about quartz in soft blues, greens, and patterns that mimic marble. These choices are for the bold at heart, the ones looking to give their space a unique twist. A soft green quartz countertop could be just the thing to bring a natural, calming vibe to your kitchen. And let's not overlook marble-patterned quartz – it offers the luxurious look of real marble but stands up much better to stains and scratches.

Why Quartz?

So, why choose quartz in the first place? Beyond its stunning range of colours, quartz is a champion when it comes to durability. It laughs in the face of acidic substances and couldn't care less about UV rays, meaning your countertops will keep looking fabulous year after year. But it's not just about toughness; quartz is a breeze to maintain, requiring no special cleaners or treatments to keep it looking its best.

In the end, selecting the perfect quartz colour comes down to personal preference and the overall vibe you want for your space. Whether you lean towards the classic elegance of pale neutrals or the bold statement of darker hues, there's a quartz colour out there that's perfect for your home.

Long-Lasting Durability

Quartz Countertops: The Heart of Your Kitchen

When you think about quartz countertops, what comes to mind? They're not just tough; they're pretty too, making them perfect for busy kitchens and bathrooms. The beauty of quartz lies in its ability to resist all sorts of kitchen nightmares – from stains and scratches to bacteria. It's like having a superhero in your kitchen, one that's been around for thousands of years and isn't going anywhere soon. You can choose from a palette of colours like classic white, sleek grey, bold black, or warm beige. Each shade promises to add a touch of durability and style to your space.

What makes quartz stand out is its low maintenance. Unlike other materials that demand regular sealing, quartz keeps things simple. A bit of soap and water, and you're good to go. Spilled some lemon juice? No fuss – it won't leave a mark. This is why quartz countertops are such a hit. They stay looking brand new, without you having to work hard for it.

Easy Upkeep: A Clear Winner

Let's talk about keeping things clean, shall we? With quartz, it's a walk in the park. You don't need any fancy cleaners – just soap and water will do the trick. This is especially great news for anyone who's not a fan of spending their weekends scrubbing countertops. And because quartz is so tough on bacteria, you can prep your food with peace of mind, knowing your surfaces are as hygienic as they can be.

To sum it up, if you're after a countertop that combines beauty with brawn, quartz is your go-to. It's tough enough to handle whatever life throws at it while being easy on the eyes and the cleaning schedule. Whether you're whipping up a storm in the kitchen or just admiring your reflection in its polished surface, quartz countertops are the way to go.

Onyx and Quartz Maintenance Tips

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of onyx and quartz countertops involves different care routines.

While onyx requires regular cleaning and sealing to prevent staining, quartz is low-maintenance due to its non-porous nature.

Both surfaces benefit from using protective tools like cutting boards and trivets to avoid damage and preserve their aesthetic appeal.

Cleaning Onyx Surfaces

Keeping Your Onyx Surfaces Sparkling

Maintaining the stunning appearance of onyx surfaces requires a bit of know-how and the right approach. It's all about being gentle and avoiding anything that could harm this rather sensitive material. Let me walk you through the basics of keeping your onyx countertops looking their best.

Clean Gently

First things first, always use a soft cloth or sponge paired with a mild soap. This combination ensures you won't scratch the surface. The reason why this is crucial is that onyx, by its nature, is quite soft compared to other stones and can easily be damaged if treated roughly.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Steering clear of abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals is a must. These substances can cause irreparable damage, such as dulling the surface or even causing cracks. Imagine using something as harsh as bleach on such a delicate stone; it's bound to react badly.

Immediate Spill Response

Lastly, it's vital to wipe up spills the moment they happen. Onyx is not just prone to staining but can also suffer from etching if acidic substances are left on it for too long. For example, if you accidentally spill lemon juice, acting fast can prevent a permanent reminder of that little mishap.

Protecting Quartz Counters

Quartz counters are not just sturdy; they're also pretty low-key when it comes to looking after them. But to make sure they stay looking fabulous for years, there are a few care tips you should follow. First off, keep your quartz countertops out of the sun's way as much as possible. Why? Well, too much sunlight can lead to fading, and we certainly don't want that. When it comes to keeping them clean, a bit of mild soap and water will do the trick nicely.

Protecting Your Quartz Countertops

Keep Them Out of the Sun: It's simple – quartz doesn't like too much sun. Just like how our skin can suffer from too much UV exposure, your quartz counters can start to fade if they soak up too much sunlight. If your kitchen gets a lot of sun, consider blinds or curtains to shield your counters during peak sunlight hours.

Cleaning Made Easy: You don't need any fancy cleaners here, just a gentle soap and water. This is because quartz is non-porous, meaning it doesn't let things soak in easily, making it a dream to clean. Spills? No problem. Just wipe them away without a worry.

Quartz surfaces are a breeze to look after because they don't need sealing – ever. That's right, you can strike that off your maintenance list. They're naturally resistant to stains, scratches, and even microorganisms like bacteria and mold. So, not only do they look good, they're pretty hygienic too.

Regular Upkeep for Quartz Surfaces

No Sealing Required: One less job for you – quartz countertops don't need sealing. They're built tough, ready to resist daily kitchen dramas from spills to scuffs.

Keep Them Clean: Regular cleaning is key. Just grab some mild soap and warm water to keep your quartz counters sparkling. It's that easy. Plus, this simple habit helps your countertops stay resistant to bacteria and mold, keeping your kitchen clean and healthy.

Popular Onyx and Quartz Combinations

When it comes to sprucing up kitchens and bathrooms, mixing onyx and quartz surfaces is a game-changer. These materials not only look stunning together but also offer a mix of style and toughness that's hard to beat. Imagine having a vibrant onyx feature wall or island that draws the eye, paired with sleek, durable quartz worktops. This combination gives your space a modern vibe that's both luxurious and practical.

Bold and Sleek Pairings

Let's talk about the colours. You could go for a dramatic look with a dark onyx backdrop against light, minimalist quartz countertops. This kind of contrast not only looks sharp but also makes the room appear more spacious. It's about finding that perfect balance between making a statement and maintaining a timeless elegance that won't feel outdated any time soon.

Functional Elegance

In bathrooms, this combo really shines. Imagine stepping into a space where the vanity or a feature wall is clad in mesmerising onyx, with the rest of the room outfitted in hard-wearing quartz. It's not just about looks; it's about creating a space that feels like a personal spa while being able to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily use.

For kitchen upgrades, consider using onyx as an eye-catching backsplash or around your fireplace. Paired with quartz countertops, it adds a layer of sophistication without sacrificing functionality. These materials are easy to maintain, which is crucial in spaces that see a lot of action.

Why It Matters

Choosing the right materials can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Onyx and quartz are perfect for this because they offer both beauty and resilience. They allow you to be bold in your design choices while ensuring your spaces remain welcoming and usable. Plus, the natural beauty of onyx, with its unique patterns and colours, means that no two pieces are exactly alike, adding a personal touch to your home.

Luxurious Onyx Countertop Finishes

Choosing the Perfect Onyx Countertop Finish

When you're decking out your kitchen or bathroom with a luxurious onyx countertop, the finish you choose can make all the difference. It's not just about picking a colour; it's about setting the tone for the entire room. Here's a breakdown of the top finish options and why they might be the right fit for your space.

Polished Finish: Shine and Simplicity

A polished finish gives your onyx countertop a smooth, shiny surface that really makes the stone's natural patterns pop. It's brilliant for bouncing light around the room, making everything look brighter and more welcoming. Plus, it's a breeze to clean, which is always a bonus in busy kitchens and bathrooms. If you're going for that classic, elegant vibe, this is the way to go.

Honed Finish: Soft and Sophisticated

If you prefer something a bit more low-key, a honed finish might be up your alley. It's all about giving you that matte look, which is fantastic for hiding any scratches or etchings that come with everyday use. This finish has a way of softening the stone's appearance, making it perfect for spaces where you want sophistication without the shine.

Leathered Finish: Texture and Touch

For something truly unique, consider a leathered finish. It adds a textured surface to your onyx countertop, giving it depth and a soft sheen that's quite different from the polished or honed options. Running your hand over a leathered finish is an experience in itself, offering a tactile quality that no other finish does. It's a brilliant choice if you're after a countertop with character.

When it comes to choosing the right finish for your onyx countertop, it's all about what works for your space and your style. Whether you're after the gleaming elegance of a polished finish, the understated chic of a honed surface, or the distinctive feel of a leathered countertop, there's an option that will bring your interior design vision to life.

Quartz Countertops for Modern Kitchens

Quartz countertops are the epitome of sleek design options for modern kitchens, offering a contemporary aesthetic appeal that complements different styles.

Their easy maintenance and care make them a practical choice for homeowners looking to enhance their kitchen without the hassle of extensive upkeep.

Moreover, the durability of quartz guarantees that these countertops can withstand the demands of daily use in a bustling kitchen environment.

Sleek Design Options

Quartz Countertops: Elevate Your Kitchen with Style

Quartz countertops are precision-engineered to bring a touch of elegance and versatility to modern kitchens. If you're aiming for that contemporary look, here's why quartz should be at the top of your list:

A Splash of Colour

Quartz comes in an array of colours, from eye-catching brights to understated pastels, making it easy to find one that perfectly complements your kitchen's style. This variety isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that reflects your personality. Whether you're into the bold statement of a cherry red countertop or the subtle charm of soft grey, quartz has got you covered.

Luxury Onyx Look

For those who love the opulent appearance of onyx but are seeking something more durable and less pricey, quartz is an exceptional alternative. It's designed to mirror the rich, sophisticated patterns of onyx, which means you can achieve that luxurious vibe without stretching your budget too thin.

Patterns That Tell a Story

Quartz isn't just a one-trick pony; it can be customised to suit whatever your heart desires. Fancy the classic elegance of marble veining? Or perhaps a unique pattern that nobody else has? Quartz countertops can be tailored to fit your vision, giving your kitchen a distinct look that's all your own.

Why It Matters

Opting for quartz in your kitchen renovation isn't just about following trends; it's about making a smart choice for both function and fashion. These countertops are not only durable and easy to maintain but with the wide range of design options available, they allow you to craft a space that's truly unique. Whether it's the colour, the finish, or the pattern, each choice you make adds a layer of personalisation to your kitchen.

In other words, quartz countertops offer the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to update their kitchen. So, when you're planning your next kitchen makeover, remember that quartz could be the key to combining style and substance in the heart of your home.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Quartz Countertops: A Game Changer in Kitchen Upkeep

Quartz countertops really change the game when it comes to keeping your kitchen looking sharp with minimal fuss. They're incredibly durable and pretty much look after themselves, which is good news for anyone who loves the idea of a stylish kitchen but not the constant maintenance. For everyday cleaning, all you need is some gentle soap and water. It's important to steer clear of strong chemicals to keep that shine for years.

Maintenance Tips for Quartz

Keeping your quartz countertops in top condition is easier than you might think. The key is to clean up spills as soon as they happen — this way, you avoid stains setting in. And remember, rough scrubbers are a no-go; they can dull the surface. Because quartz is non-porous, you won't have to worry about stains, bacteria, or scratches as much as with other materials. This makes it perfect for busy kitchens.

Why Quartz is the Go-To for Modern Kitchens

People love quartz for their kitchens because it hits that sweet spot of low maintenance and lasting beauty. It's the ideal choice if you're after something that looks great without the high upkeep. Plus, in a place like the kitchen where there's always a lot going on, having a countertop that can withstand the hustle and bustle while staying chic is a big plus.

Durability for Daily Use

Choosing Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

Quartz countertops are a brilliant choice for any kitchen, blending durability and style seamlessly. If you're thinking about opting for quartz in your kitchen, here's what you should consider:

Surface Longevity

One of the biggest perks of quartz countertops is their incredible toughness. These surfaces are built to withstand scratches, stains, and even the effects of acidic spills. This means you can expect your kitchen worktop to look pristine for years. It's not just about having a good-looking kitchen; it's about having a surface that can keep up with your busy life.

Daily Durability

What makes quartz really stand out is its practicality for everyday life. Unlike other materials, you won't need to seal quartz countertops, and since they're non-porous, cleaning them is a breeze. Whether you're dealing with spills, crumbs, or anything in between, a simple wipe down is all it takes. This feature is particularly valuable for families or anyone who loves to cook but hates the cleanup.

Wear Resistance

Quartz is also your ally in high-traffic kitchens. Its exceptional resistance to wear and tear means it can handle the hustle and bustle of daily meal prep and gatherings. Choosing quartz is like investing in peace of mind, knowing your kitchen can withstand the demands of your lifestyle without constant maintenance or worry about damage.

Why Quartz?

In essence, quartz countertops offer a combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality that's hard to beat. They not only elevate the look of your kitchen but also provide a durable, low-maintenance surface that can handle the rigours of daily use. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or simply enjoy entertaining, quartz worktops ensure your kitchen remains the heart of your home, both beautiful and practical.

Onyx and Quartz Edge Profile Selection

Choosing the Perfect Edge Profile for Onyx and Quartz Countertops

When you're picking out the perfect edge for your onyx or quartz countertops, it's not just about the looks; it's about adding that special touch to your space that really makes it stand out. For onyx, a sleek straight edge or a crisp mitered edge often works wonders, letting the natural beauty of the stone take the spotlight. Meanwhile, quartz countertops pair beautifully with eased, beveled, or bullnose edges, giving that contemporary vibe everyone loves.

The Impact of Design on Your Countertop

The design behind your countertop's edge profile matters more than you might think. It's not just a detail—it shapes the overall feel and style of your kitchen or bathroom. Imagine an onyx countertop that flows over the edge like a waterfall, instantly adding a touch of luxury and making a bold statement. Or picture a quartz countertop with a chiseled edge, bringing an unexpected texture and a dash of uniqueness to the smooth surface. These choices can dramatically affect the look and feel of your room.

Making an Informed Decision

Understanding your options for edge profiles helps you make choices that elevate the look of your onyx and quartz countertops. It's about finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. For instance, a simple straight edge might be perfect for a minimalist design, while a more elaborate ogee edge could complement a traditional setting. Each edge profile offers something unique, so it's worth considering what works best for your space and style.

Choosing the right edge for your countertops is more than just a minor detail; it's a crucial decision that influences the overall ambiance of your home. Whether it's the understated elegance of a straight edge on onyx or the modern sophistication of a beveled edge on quartz, the right choice can transform your space. So take your time, consider your options, and select an edge profile that truly reflects your personal style and enhances the beauty of your countertops.

Onyx and Quartz Countertop Pricing

When we talk about choosing the perfect countertops for your home, it's like weighing up the pros and cons of two stunning options: onyx and quartz. Both bring their own flair to the table, but it's their differences in cost, quality, and colour that really set them apart.

Price Wars: Onyx vs. Quartz

Straight off the bat, onyx countertops are usually the pricier option. Their unique beauty and rarity push their value up, making them a luxury choice. On the flip side, quartz countertops are more wallet-friendly, which is why they're a hit with those looking to keep costs down without sacrificing style.

Quality and Cost: A Balancing Act

The price tag on onyx isn't just for show; it reflects the stone's colour variations, grade, and thickness. However, quartz doesn't lag behind in the quality department. It offers a spectrum of prices to fit all budgets, making it a versatile option for various home improvement projects.

Colour Choices Galore

Both onyx and quartz spoil you for choice with their colour ranges. This variety allows you to match your countertops to your home's design seamlessly. However, remember that the colour you choose can influence the cost, so it's worth considering your options carefully.

In a nutshell, picking between onyx and quartz countertops isn't just about which one looks better. It's about understanding the differences in their costs, quality, and the colours available. Whether you're leaning towards the luxurious allure of onyx or the cost-effective versatility of quartz, it's these factors that will guide your decision in creating a space that feels uniquely yours.

Onyx and Quartz Environmental Impact

Quartz vs. Onyx: A Closer Look at Their Environmental Impact

When we talk about the sustainability of kitchen countertops, quartz often takes the lead over onyx. This isn't just about which one looks better next to your coffee machine; it's about their effect on our planet. Quartz countertops are made with an eye towards being kind to the environment, thanks to their widespread availability and the way they're produced. Onyx, beautiful as it is, just can't compete on this front. Let's break down the reasons why, by looking at their environmental factors side by side.

Energy Consumption and Material Availability

It takes a lot of energy to bring onyx from the earth and into your home. This natural stone needs to be quarried, cut, and polished, all of which are energy-intensive processes. Quartz, on the other hand, is a bit like the hardworking friend who always finds the most efficient way to get things done. Its manufacturing process uses less energy, making it a greener choice.

When it comes to how much of these materials we have, quartz is the clear winner again. It's abundant, meaning there's plenty of it to go around. Onyx is a bit like a rare gem – harder to find and not renewable. This scarcity makes it less sustainable in the long run.

The Impact of Extraction and Carbon Footprint

Extracting onyx isn't just hard work; it's also not great for the planet. Since it's a non-renewable resource, we have to be mindful about how much we use. Quartz, though? It's like the gift that keeps on giving. It's more renewable, so we can use it without depleting our natural resources.

And then there's the carbon footprint to consider. Onyx's journey from quarry to kitchen is a long one, filled with high emissions and a larger carbon footprint. Quartz, manufactured with eco-friendly practices, leaves a lighter footprint on our world.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Making a Difference

Finally, it's not just about the materials themselves, but how they're handled. Quartz manufacturers have been stepping up their game, adopting more eco-friendly practices. They're making efforts to reduce waste and use less water, making quartz not just a stylish choice, but a responsible one.

In contrast, the onyx industry has some catching up to do. Though there are efforts to improve, they're not as advanced as those in the quartz world.

In Conclusion

Choosing between onyx and quartz isn't just a matter of aesthetics; it's about considering their impact on our environment. Quartz, with its low energy consumption, abundance, renewable nature, and smaller carbon footprint, is the more sustainable choice. Plus, the industry's shift towards more eco-friendly practices makes it an even more appealing option for those of us looking to make responsible choices for our homes and our planet.

Onyx and Quartz Countertop Installation Tips

When you're thinking about fitting onyx and quartz countertops into your space, getting every detail right is key. These materials can really elevate the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom, but they need a bit of extra care to ensure they're installed perfectly.

Installation Tips: Protect Your Investment

First off, onyx is pretty delicate, so it's super important to have professional installers who know what they're doing. They'll ensure everything goes smoothly and prevent any mishaps. Plus, sticking to the guidelines from the manufacturer could save you a headache later by keeping your warranty valid. It's all about safeguarding your investment, after all.

Choosing the Right Adhesive and Support

Picking the proper adhesive and adding the right support structures are crucial steps. The last thing you want is for your beautiful new countertop to crack or get damaged because it wasn't supported properly. This bit of extra attention not only keeps your countertop looking great but also makes sure it lasts for years.

The Importance of Certified Professionals

When it comes to quartz, having certified professionals on the job is just as important. They'll make sure everything fits just right and looks seamless. Both quartz and onyx are a bit finicky and can easily get damaged during installation if not handled with care. It's why getting someone who knows exactly what they're doing is so crucial.


In wrapping up the debate between onyx and quartz countertops, it's clear that quartz stands out as the champion for those seeking both style and ease. Imagine quartz as the superhero of worktops – tough, resilient, and always ready to take on stains and spills with a simple wipe. Onyx, though a beauty with its unique swirls and colours, is like a high-maintenance star that needs constant pampering with cleaning and sealing to keep its sparkle.

Choosing the right countertop is like picking the right partner for your kitchen or bathroom – it's all about finding that perfect balance of charm and practicality. That's where quartz shines, offering a blend of natural beauty and hassle-free maintenance that makes it a favourite for home renovation projects.

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