High Sintered Stone and PITT Cooking Appliances

We are selling the PITT cooking appliances as it is a product that is designed to work with both Dekton and Neolith Tops.

  • High Sintered Stone is a lightweight, large format sintered surface. It is made from entirely natural, recyclable products, such as crushed stone.
  • High Sintered Stone is created during a process involving intense heat and pressure that bonds the elements to create a strong and sturdy product.
  • High Sintered Stone has the benefits of its lightweight, UV resistance, Heat resistance, Scratch resistance, 100% Hygiene, Easily cleanable and very versatile surface Stone.
  • High Sintered Stone comes in variable thicknesses used for surfaces, cladding, tiling and various other applications.

Ideal for every kitchen desire

With PITT® cooking, you choose for endless cooking pleasure. The burners can be integrated in any kitchen space and style, and can be arranged however you want. PITT® cooking is available in 22 Regular and 7 XL models. Choose the combination that suits you best. For every PITT® cooking model with one or more wok burners, you can also purchase an innovative, robust wok ring.

Meet the new cooking sensation

PITT® cooking: a real eye catcher in your kitchen. The subtly integrated burners will fit in every type of kitchen. Classic, rural, contemporary, design: this cooking system knows no boundaries. The position of the
burners can be placed from the customers point of view. With PITT® cooking, you will be the designer of your own cooking area.

Functional use of space

Instead of the lack of space people experience when cooking on a traditional stove, PITT® cooking will offer
you enough space for using each individual burner at the same time, even when using large pans. There is always space enough. With the so-called XL-variant, even more space will be created for cooks who need a little more freedom of movement.

Powerful cooking

The burners of PITT® cooking are professional and powerful, suited for every kind of cooking technique (for example stir-frying, simmering or roasting). PITT® cooking also offers the unique, multifunctional burner:
a combinated burner which you can use for cooking on low power (simmering) and on high power (stir-frying), operated by just one knob. This burner will offer you 30% more power compared to a traditional one. Functionality as intended.

Choose the countertop you want

The burners of PITT® cooking can be combined easily and safely with a wide range of countertops. Choose the countertop you want: quartz composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramics, Corian®, LG Hi-Macs® and stainless steel. Choose the countertop that will match your kitchen, and the burners of PITT® cooking will fit seamlessly.

Easy cleaning

PITT® cooking is fantastic for inspired cooking! Besides the ease of use it is also very easy to clean. Due to the design flexibility the cooking areas can be cleaned fast and easily. PITT® cooking – enriches your kitchen
area in so many ways.

Endless choices and possibilities

With PITT® cooking, you are not bound to a fixed positions of the burners. The possibilities are extensive and offers a cooking area which fits the needs and wishes of each individual customer. The different PITT® cooking models can be freely combined: you are the designer of your own cooking area.


Sleek and contemporary design: perfect for those who like to cook in style. The powerful burners of the PITT® cooking Professional collection are manufactured from brass, and finished with a subtle coating. The use of solid and high quality materials will guarantee a durable and professional cooking experience in your own kitchen.